Our history is our inspiration

For trade caravans, there were pathways and routes that cut through both land and sea, paving the way for the establishment of the first trade bridges between regions and across countries.

On the backs of camels, AL TAWAREQE caravans traversed and traded goods along the vast expanse of the Great Desert and the coastal countries, indifferent to spatial distances and the borders between these nations.

Our name's origin

Rooted in our broad aspirations and long-term goals, our name is grounded in a venerable designation symbolizing a solid ground. It embarks on the journey of success, brimming with a strong sense of belonging to a civilization that witnessed the dawn of logistics in its simplest form throughout ancient ages. Defying all challenging circumstances, it stands as the imprints that continue to be seen and considered despite the towering dunes and the enveloping mirages.

To appreciate this history and extend it to the birth of the AL TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company, today, with the evolution of transportation and cargo shipping means, AL TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company places its feet and the efforts of its people to evoke a history written with the camel's footsteps. It becomes a link in the chain of global trade with the latest methods, routes, and services that contribute to supporting trade and traders around the world.

تأسيس شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن

AL-TAWAREQE Trading And Shipping Company - fellah Group

Shipping, Maritime Agency, Import and Export, Customs Declarations, Financial Transactions, General Trade, and Business Consultations

The AL-TAWAREQE Trading And Shipping Company - fellah Group was founded in 2006 by the grace of Allah alone. It is headquartered in the city of Guangzhou, China, and has become a leading company in the field of shipping to and from all countries worldwide through its offices and branches in China, Turkey, and Libya.

The AL-TAWAREQE Trading And Shipping Company is part of the specialized Falah Group, engaged in shipping, inspection and compliance, maritime agency services, customs declarations, financial transactions, general trade, and business consultations.

Since its establishment, the company has diligently studied and understood the requirements of both local and international markets. Clear strategies and goals have enabled it to stand at the forefront of distinguished shipping companies.

We have provided and developed a comprehensive range of logistics services to support traders and businessmen, assisting them in the growth and professional management of their businesses with efficiency and ease.

We take pride in everything we have accomplished and look forward to continuous self-improvement to provide ongoing support to our clients and success partners around the world.

What Make Us Stand Out?

In the face of complexities inherent in the steps and processes of the supply chain, and amidst rising customer expectations in this fast-paced era, we fully recognize that experience and efficiency require a flexible professional mindset. Deciphering the intricacies of the supply chain revolution and achieving clients satisfaction while elevating them as partners in success demand a proactive and adaptable approach.

In light of this, ALTAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company, as part of Fellah Group, has embraced the challenge to simplify everything that concerns customer expectations in logistics and shipping. From both China and Turkey to worldwide destinations, we strive to make the complexities of supply chain and shipping straightforward and seamless.

Our Values

Our Brand

Our brand is embodied in the trust our customers place in us—it is their institution.

Our Priorities

The unequivocal needs of our customers are our top priority.


The essence of our strategic vision to achieve leadership in the world of logistics.

Sustainable Growth

We strive to be above the expectations of our partners.

Transparency and Integrity

We believe in transparency and honesty in all our transactions, adhering to professional ethics.


Our customers' time is precious, and we respect that. 

Team Spirit

We emphasize the importance of teamwork; creativity thrives in collaboration.

Green Logistics World

Our compass has always been the standards that preserve the environment.


شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع الصين


Establishment of AL-TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company - Fellah Group - China Branch in Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, 6th Jianxi Road, Building 9B, Rongjian, 29th Floor.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع طرابلس


Establishment of the Company's Branch in Tripoli, Libya, in the Nofleen area, on the Electrical Supplies Street, opposite Abu Hajar Mosque.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع ايناغول


Establishment of the Company's Branch in Inegol, Bursa Province - Mahmoudiya District, Ertugrul Ghazi Street, Number: 16400, 84.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع مصراتة


Establishment of the Company's Branch, Misratah Maritime Agencies, on High Mosque Street - High Mosque Buildings Complex - Building "C", 6th floor.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع بنغازي


Establishment of the Company's Branch in Benghazi, Libya, in the Military Accounts Area on Sidi Hussein Street.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع اسطنبول


Establishment of the Company's Branch in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Esenyurt area of Istanbul, on Mahmud Bey Street, in the T.B. Plaza Complex, 9th floor, Office number 56.

شركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن فرع اسطنبول


Establishment of the company branch "Lalali" in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Fatih area of Istanbul, Lalali, Kamal Pasha Jinktork Street, Building Number 41, Office Number 2.

We take pride in what our company has achieved over these years. We aspire to a promising future that holds even more growth and development. We will continue working diligently to provide exceptional logistics solutions that surpass our customers' expectations, all while maintaining our core values of quality and credibility.

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