Shipping during the Chinese Golden Week

in 2024 can have the following impacts on international cargo shipping ?

Chinese Golden Week Impact on International Shipping

China is a key player in the global economic and logistics landscape, and businesses worldwide aim to establish trade relationships with Chinese shipping companies, manufacturers, and suppliers. However, it's crucial to prepare for periodic changes in the cargo turnover rate within the country due to national holidays.

What is the Chinese Golden Week?

The Chinese Golden Week is the national autumn holiday, celebrated annually when people across the country travel and participate in lively festivals for a week.

When is the Chinese Golden Week According to the Lunar Calendar?

n 2023, the Golden Week was celebrated from October 1st to October 7th.
With the flourishing Chinese economy during this period, the global logistics services community faces challenges in economic communication with the country.

Communication Difficulties and Their Impact on Global Trade:

  • Increased Shipping Costs: During peak seasons, shipping costs rise due to heightened demand, limited availability of shipping space and containers, and increased fees for logistics services.
  • Space and Equipment Shortages: Limited availability of empty shipping containers and trucks can complicate logistics operations, leading to delays.

Port and Labor Shortages: Labor shortages at docks and ports can cause delays in ship unloading and container handling.

How to Prepare for the Chinese Golden Week :

  • Booking Shipments :

It is advisable to book sea freight 3-4 weeks in advance and air freight two weeks before the expected departure date.

  • Timing Considerations :

Rational timing during peak seasons is essential. Shorter transit times may be in high demand, and crowded shipping routes may cause delays.

  • Finding Alternative Routes :

Utilize logistics IT tools to find alternative shipping routes, more convenient timings, cost-effective transportation modes, and efficient cargo loading methods.

  • Active Communication with Logistics Providers :

Regularly obtain accurate shipping data to track container locations in real-time. This helps in monitoring reloading stages and adjusting Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Actual Time of Arrival (ATA).


Navigating through peak seasons requires careful planning, timely communication, and efficient use of technology.

The Chinese Golden Week, while bringing economic vibrancy, also presents logistical challenges that businesses can overcome with proactive strategies and collaboration with reliable logistics partners.
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