We specialize in supply chain management. It helps you efficiently manage your business with minimal effort. Make it our mission

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the leading global companies in providing integrated logistics solutions and shipping goods by sea and air. We strive to achieve our vision by expanding our global network to include strategic locations and establishing branches and partnerships in various countries worldwide. Through delivering high-quality and efficient services that exceed our customers' expectations, we aim to contribute to the growth of their businesses and the improvement of their trade management.

Our Mission

Our ambitious vision is supported by our strategy for global expansion. Through establishing branches and partnerships in strategic locations, we focus on delivering outstanding and reliable services.

We strive to achieve innovation in everything we offer, utilizing the latest technologies and standards to enhance the performance of shipping and logistics operations with our dedicated and specialized team.

We promise our customers an experience that exceeds their expectations and the attainment of mutual success. Our mission propels us to achieve excellence in every detail of our services.

Al Tawareqe Trading & Shipping Company - Fellah Group, an ambitious endeavor with limitless horizons and unwavering support.

What Sets Us Apart?

Despite the complexities inherent in the supply chain's steps and processes, and with the increasing expectations of customers in this fast-paced era, we fully understand that expertise and efficiency also require a flexible professional mindset to decipher the intricacies of the supply chain revolution. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and elevate them as partners in success.

In light of this, Al Tawareqe Trading & Shipping Company, under the umbrella of Fellah Group, has embraced these challenges, aiming to simplify and streamline everything that concerns customer expectations in logistics, shipping, and supply chain from both China and Turkey to all around the world.

Our Services

A comprehensive package of logistics services and complementary offerings in everything related to supply chain operations.


The most requested service by our partners, making it the most distinctive in our service package, is where we take on every step of the supply chain operations from door to door. We become your trusted partner in managing your trade.


we're devoted to optimizing your goods' flow through a comprehensive maritime shipping solution. Our focus on efficiency and technology ensures the safety and sustainability of your shipments across the seas.


For partial shipments, we provide dedicated space within the container in cubic meters. We go beyond that, paying attention to the details of every cubic centimeter that houses your goods.


We uniquely provide inspection services based on your request and contractual agreement. Whether it's visual, quantitative, or quality standard conformity, we inspect your goods according to your specifications. 


Our well-equipped infrastructure with the latest technologies and our established logistics network ensure the shortest distances and optimal routes for your shipments with our partners in the domestic shipping sector.


Ensuring the container is properly sealed at the port and supervising the loading of the container onto the ship is a crucial stage for your shipment. We distinguish ourselves with our teams present in numerous important ports.


Our skilled team can handle all your customs declaration procedures, ensuring timely receipt of necessary documents and permits for your shipment, allowing you to focus on other business priorities. 


With us, enjoy tracking your shipment through the latest applications and systems, as well as important notifications at every stage of the shipment flow. Stay informed with the finest details in real-time.


We are committed to providing air freight services filled with speed and security, understanding well that they are often associated with your urgent shipments. With us, let your shipment soar as it swiftly arrives at its destination.


Our presence in major industrial cities and exhibitions has cultivated a deep-rooted expertise to support our clients with valuable guidance. Do not hesitate to enrich your trade with our outstanding commercial advisory consultations.


Rely on our money transfer service to convert currencies and transfer funds seamlessly from one country to another. Don't burden your travels with carrying cash; transfer money with us and let your trade require only a clear mind.


We go beyond money transfers by handling the receipt and delivery of funds on your behalf to factories and companies. We are the nurturing partner for your trade that you've always been seeking.

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شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
شركاء النجاح لشركة الطوارق للتجارة و الشحن
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