FCL Sea Freight Service

With the increasing global trade and diverse market needs, the ocean freight service from AL-TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company comes to efficiently and professionally meet those requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution for transporting goods across the oceans, focusing on achieving quality and safety in every aspect of the process.

  • Features of Our Service:
  1. Global Coverage : We distinguish ourselves by having a presence in the port networks of both Turkey and China, contributing to accurately and efficiently meeting all your shipping needs to multiple destinations.
  2. Comprehensive Planning : We understand the importance of organizing ocean freight services, so we provide outstanding services with planning and organization to ensure the timely arrival of your goods.
  3. Customized Solutions : Each client has unique needs, so we offer customized solutions that align with your requirements and directives.
  4. End-to-End Coverage : We provide comprehensive coverage for shipping operations, starting from the preparation and packaging of goods, through customs procedures, to unloading at the intended port—a fully integrated transportation network, your best choice.
  5. Safety and Protection : We prioritize the safety of your goods. We employ strict procedures and offer optional insurance options to ensure the arrival of your goods in excellent condition.
  • Why Us?
  • We take pride in our deep expertise in the field of logistics and ocean freight.
  • Our specialized teams work diligently to monitor every detail of the shipping process to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • By choosing our ocean freight service, you will gain a strong and reliable logistics partner that guarantees the successful execution of your operations.
  • Contact us today to learn more about Sea freight service and how we can support the expansion and success of your business and trade management.

LCL Sea Freight Service

When it comes to shipping goods based on their size without the need for a full container, Less than Container Load (LCL) or Shared Container Service is the solution that meets your needs.
We offer you this exceptional service as part of our integrated logistics services.

  • What sets our LCL Sea Freight apart ?
  1. Cost Savings : If the quantity of your goods doesn't fill a full container, Less than Container Load (LCL) or Shared Container Service allows you to benefit from lower costs compared to shipping a full 20-foot container.
  2. Professional Guidance : We are here to provide you with the proper guidance to choose the best option between LCL and a full container based on your needs.
  3. Tracking Technology : You will be able to track your goods through an advanced technological system, providing you with visibility and control.
  • How We Can Assist You?
  1. Customized Solutions : We will provide you with optimal options based on the type and quantity of goods. Whether it's a small or large shipment, we are here to meet your needs efficiently.
  2. Shipment Management : We will handle all shipment details from pickup arrangement within our own warehouses to the final delivery, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • We believe in the importance of providing suitable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.
  • We strive to facilitate the movement of goods and achieve efficient and profitable distribution worldwide.
  • Contact us to learn more and consult with our experts about Less than Container Load (LCL) services.

Air Freight Service

Benefit from the highest levels of efficiency and speed with our exceptional air freight service at AL-TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company.
We provide you with an effective and reliable solution to transport goods safely and in the shortest possible time through an updated and well-organized network.

  • Features of Our Service:
  1. Exceptional Speed : Thanks to our outstanding network and strategic partnerships with airlines, your goods reach their destination in the shortest possible time.
  2. Flexibility and Multiple Options : We offer diverse options to suit your needs, whether you require emergency or regular shipments to meet your requirements.
  3. Advanced Tracking : Enjoy precise cargo monitoring throughout its journey with an advanced tracking system that allows you to know your shipment's real-time location.
  4. Customs Management : We provide support in customs procedures and required documents to ensure smooth and fast passage of goods.
  • Why Us?
  • With our experience in logistics and air freight, we provide a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.
  • Our specialized teams execute every detail of the shipping process with high professionalism to ensure the arrival of your goods in excellent condition and on time.
  • Choose the air freight service from AL-TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company to have a reliable partner contributing to the success of your business and achieving your commercial goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our service to meet your unique needs.

Inspection & Compliance Service 

Proud to offer exceptional inspection and specification matching services in accordance with the contracts signed with our clients.

We aim to provide a comprehensive and accurate inspection experience to ensure that goods are received according to the specified specifications.

  • Accurate Inspection and Matching :

We inspect and match goods accurately to verify that they conform to the specifications outlined in the contract, paying attention to every detail to efficiently meet your customers' expectations.

  • Types of Goods Inspection Services :
  1. Visual Inspection : Inspecting and examining goods visually to verify their general condition and the integrity of the outer packaging.
  2. Quantity Inspection : This type of inspection service specializes in matching the quantities of goods present with the quantities approved on the invoice. Quantity inspection works to examine goods to ensure that the quantities match the contracted amounts, avoiding shortages in the cargo that lead to additional costs and improving the customer experience.
  3. Quality Inspection : Quality inspection service can be part of the overall process to ensure that the goods conform to specifications in all aspects, thus guaranteeing no significant losses. We review the documents and certificates attached to verify that the goods comply with the specifications and standards required by the customer by 100%.
  • Service Features :
  1. Specialized Team : A team of experts with extensive experience in the field of inspection and matching.
  2. Comprehensive Reports : We provide detailed reports summarizing the inspection results and the extent of conformity of the goods to the specifications.
  3. Custom Support : We will be available to answer your inquiries and provide support at all stages of the inspection process.
  • We strive to provide an excellent experience for inspecting and matching goods, reflecting our commitment to quality and accuracy. If you need this service, contact us for more information on how to customize and implement this service according to your needs

Inland Freight Service

Inland shipping service is a crucial part of the supply chain, requiring a well-prepared and organized inland transport process, and that's what we offer through our inland shipping service.

We understand the importance of time and efficiency in the shipping and transportation of goods through inland transport service. Our goal is to facilitate this process for you and ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods at loading ports.

  • Transport Efficiency :
  1. Precise Planning : We meticulously plan transport routes to secure the fastest and best ways to reach the departure port, ensuring the lowest possible cost.
  2. Continuous Monitoring : Our team continuously monitors transport movement to ensure no delays or disruptions in the schedule.
  • Service Features :
  1. Convenient Schedule : We adhere to specified schedules to ensure the timely arrival of goods, coordinating with our partners in inland shipping companies and locations of goods.
  2. Specialized Companies : We rely on reputable specialized companies with equipped transport vehicles to handle all types of goods.
  3. Tracking Reports : You can continuously track the movement of goods through our detailed reports.
  • We combine efficiency and safety to ensure the goods reach the departure port safely and on time. Rely on our experience to provide a comprehensive solution for inland cargo transport needs. Contact us today for more information and to start benefiting from our inland shipping service.

Loading Supervision Service

The proper loading and meticulous monitoring during container loading operations are of utmost importance. Our service of supervising the loading process, from overseeing the loading inside the container to securing the current container status, is designed to ensure the safety and smoothness of these operations.

  • Supervision and Monitoring :
  1. Loading Planning : We carefully plan the loading process to efficiently utilize space, ensuring goods are distributed to avoid damage or loss.
  2. Detailed Monitoring : An experienced team is present to monitor every step of the loading process inside the container. We ensure that goods are arranged and loaded safely according to standards.
  3. Coordination and Management : In addition to monitoring the loading, we coordinate the process among all stakeholders to ensure the smooth execution of the operation.
  • ​​Service Features :
  1. Professional Experts : Our qualified and trained team ensures that each loading operation is carried out accurately, considering the type of goods and their arrangement inside the container in configurations that maximize space and avoid any damage.
  2. Notifications and Reports : You will receive detailed reports and notifications at each stage of the loading process, allowing you to track the progress.
  3. Customized Service : We offer a specialized service tailored to your needs and the type of goods.
  • We strive to provide precise and efficient container loading supervision and monitoring services, ensuring that loading operations meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • To start your experience with the Loading Supervision Service, you can contact us.

Shipment Tracking Service

Our tracking service addresses and overcomes numerous challenges, beginning with monitoring and tracing goods from the order initiation and coordination of the order list, through to receipt, container request, and ultimately, loading. Our service is designed to trace the order flow easily and transparently from the starting point to the destination at the departure port.

  • Key Aspects of the Tracking Service :
  1. Arranging Receipt Operations : We organize and schedule receipt dates and cargo sizes precisely according to your requirements, considering whether there is a need for inspection or sorting of sizes and weights, ensuring attention to every detail.
  2. Detailed Monitoring : We closely monitor order movement, starting from the receipt date. You will receive detailed information about the location and status of the order at any time.
  3. Loading Plan Coordination : We begin by coordinating a well-organized loading plan, starting from container requests and choosing optimal routes and methods for loading the goods.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Tracking : We provide an advanced technological system to track order movement throughout the day. You will be informed of the location and status of orders at any time.
  5. Transparency and Continuous Notifications : You will be constantly informed of the order status through innovative technical notifications, enabling you to make quick and informed decisions
  6. Detailed Reports : We offer periodic reports that outline the details of receipt operations and order status. These reports are useful for analysis and decision-making.
  7. Follow-up and Handling Shortages : If any shortages or damages are discovered during receipt, we address them quickly and accurately, notifying you through direct communication and special reports.
  • We make order monitoring and receipt operations easy and straightforward. Let us be your partners in ensuring the safe and efficient arrival of goods to their final destination.
  • Contact us today for consultation with our experts and to start your experience with the monitoring service.

Customs Declaration Service

Through our extensive experience in the field of logistics, we take pride in offering you our exceptional Customs Declaration Service as part of our comprehensive service portfolio. Customs declaration is a fundamental key to successful international trade, and we are here to streamline this process for you.

  • What Sets Our Service Apart :
  1. Expert Team : Our team consists of customs declaration experts who are well-versed in the latest developments and international customs regulations. They work closely with you to ensure the fulfillment of all declaration requirements.
  2. Specialized Consultations : We provide tailored consultations to guide you accurately through the process. Whether you are a beginner in the import/export field, we offer the necessary support.
  3. Document Preparation : We assist you in accurately preparing the required documents according to specific customs requirements.
  4. Facilitation of Procedures : We offer facilitation in submitting applications and documents to relevant authorities, contributing to reducing the time and effort involved in this process.
  • How We Can Assist You?
  1. Customized Solutions : We will provide you with a customized solution that aligns with your individual needs, whether it's permits for imports or exports. We are here to provide the appropriate guidance.
  2. Progress Monitoring : You can track the progress of your declaration applications through our 24/7 accessible online platform or through our responsive team.
  • At Al-tawareqe, we believe that customs declaration should not be a barrier to growth and trade. Therefore, we work to facilitate this process and ensure that your business transcends borders smoothly and efficiently.
  • Contact us to learn more and initiate your experience with our exceptional Customs Declaration Service

Money Exchange And Transfer Service

Through our extensive experience in the field of logistics, we take pride in offering you our exceptional Customs Declaration Service as part of our comprehensive service portfolio. Customs declaration is a fundamental key to successful international trade, and we are here to streamline this process for you.

  • What Sets Our Service Apart?
  1. Speed and Efficiency : Speed in financial transfers is one of the standout features of our service. We understand the importance of timely fund transfers, and therefore, we strive to provide a seamless experience with swift and accurate execution of both domestic and international money transfers.
  2. Options Diversity : We offer a variety of financial transfer options tailored to meet your preferences, from bank transfers to electronic payment options and even hand-delivered funds. Our goal is to accommodate your specific needs.
  3. Security and Confidentiality : Security is of utmost importance to us. We implement advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your financial transactions and the protection of your personal data during the money transfer process.
  4. Outstanding Support : Our team of accounting professionals is available to answer your inquiries and provide support through detailed financial statements for each step of the financial transfer process.
  5. Clear and Concise Information : Our website provides detailed and clear information on how to use the Financial Transfer Service. Additionally, you can request your financial statements at any time through your account with us
  • The Cash Pickup and Delivery Service is a fast and secure solution to meet your financial needs distinctively.
  • Contact us today to start your experience with our Cash Pickup and Delivery Service.

Currency Receipt Delivery Service

We offer a specialized service for cross-border cash pickup and delivery using advanced financial solutions to ensure the smooth and secure transfer of your funds. We streamline the process of opening a deposit account and manage the receipt and delivery of cash in the relevant country, providing tools to track and retain transaction details in the client's account

  • Speed, Ease, and Security :
  1. Deposit Account Opening : We provide a service for opening a dedicated deposit account in the relevant country, facilitating the process of transferring and delivering cash.
  2. Account Management : We are here to manage the client's account and closely monitor the cash receipt and delivery operations with precision and efficiency.
  • Restricting Cash Movement :
  1. Financial Movement Restrictions : We can apply restrictions on cash movement according to client instructions, ensuring timely delivery to the designated party in the relevant countries.
  2. Documentation and Reports : We offer periodic detailed reports documenting cash movement, deliveries, and receipts.
  • ​​Service Features :
  1. High Security : We implement strict security measures to protect cash during receipt, delivery, and transfer.
  2. Transparency : Clients will be continuously informed of cash movement through reports and updates detailing transfer specifics.
  3. Customized Service : We are here to cater to the client's needs, whether it's restricting movement or specifying methods of receipt and delivery
  • The Cash Pickup and Delivery Service is a fast and secure solution to meet your financial needs distinctively. Contact us today to start your experience with our Cash Pickup and Delivery Service.

Business Consultations Service

Welcome to the consultation service proudly offered by AL-TAWAREQE Trading and Shipping Company.

We believe that smart decisions come from a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Therefore, we provide you with tailored consultations to equip you with the necessary knowledge and guidance to successfully achieve your goals and secure the most successful contracts.

Our qualified team of experts is ready to leverage their experience and knowledge to serve you. Whether you seek consultations in trade, management, or any other specialty, we are here to offer innovative insights and strategic solutions

  • Customized Consultations :
  1. Needs Analysis : We understand that each operation has unique needs and details. Therefore, we conduct a precise analysis to ensure the provision of customized consultations for each client.
  2. Solution Presentation : We provide you with strategic and practical solutions that facilitate informed decision-making and ensure the success of transactions.
  • ​​Service Features :
  1. Specialized Expertise : Our team of logistics experts brings valuable expertise to provide high-value consultations.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis : We analyze all aspects related to your transaction to provide an accurate estimate of costs and associated risks.
  3. Regular Auditing : We deliver periodic and updated reports encompassing analyses and tailored recommendations to enhance performance
  • Using our Consultation Estimation Service contributes to enhancing your comprehensive understanding of the costs and details of transactions, thereby contributing to their success.
  • Welcome to the world of consultations we offer, where your success lies at the heart of everything we do.
  • Contact us today to start benefiting from our Consultation Estimation Service.